Sampson’s Transport

About our Company

This is a container transportation company that was acquired in April 2006 by the HADCO Group of Companies. This company is responsible for the haulage of all containers within the HADCO Group, from the ports to the respective premises, and now we have extended our services to external companies.


At present, there are five employees.

Our fleet comprises of:

(a) 6 trucks

(b) 6 trailers (20 ft)

(c) 9 trailers (40 ft)


There is considerable collaborative effort by the Customs Brokerage Department located at HADCO, Bhagoutie Trace, San Juan with respect to the administration of Sampson’s Transport Company.

With the rapid growth of the business within the HADCO Group, it was essential to acquire this company in order to ensure efficiency in the movement of containers as we ensure safety and security in all of our operations.

For further information please contact – Nadira Dass, General Manager at 868-675-7628 Ext. 1550 (office) or 868-683-6444 (mobile).