JRJ Bonded Warehouse

What is our Business?

We are a private limited liability company incorporated in 1981. Our primary goal is to facilitate customers who import various types of cargo but do not have immediate sale for the entire shipment. The cargo can be stored in our bonded area without having to pay all applicable duties and VAT upfront, thereby freeing up the customer’s cash flow until a definite sale is forthcoming. It also gives our customer the ability to export/ transship and resell their products to other countries without paying any duties whatsoever. This ensures that the product maintains a competitive edge on the market.

Our Location

We are located at 33 Tissue Drive, Trincity Industrial Estate and the entrance road is off the Churchill Roosevelt Highway.

About our Facility

The warehouse and the compound are bonded areas. Currently there are about fifty customers (companies and a few individuals) who use the services of the warehouse and have their goods bonded. We seek to ensure safety and security in operations for both our customers and employees.

The professionally designed and constructed building is approximately 17,000 square feet in size and stands on 32,215 square feet of freehold land. It is a substantial steel framed structure and the walls are of pre-cast/reinforced with concrete slabs. There are no columns within the warehouse building. The steel columns are fire proofed by M. Phillip Associates Limited, using NULLIFIRE Process and carry a one hour rating. The floor is seven inches of reinforced cast concrete and the roof is covered with corrugated metal sheeting.

The entrance to the warehouse is through three large steel doors that are secured with Chubb High Security locks, and is protected by a state-of-the-art security system.

The interior of the warehouse is well lit by large sodium lights, as well as double florescent fixtures on both sides. Our facilities also include cool rooms which facilitates the storage of wines.

The compound is brightly lit at night with Sylvania Dusk to Dawn lights evenly spaced around the building. There are also two very bright sodium lights at the back for additional lighting, and one by the front main entrance into the warehouse. We also conduct regular maintenance of our premises.

Our Terms and Conditions

Click here for Terms and Conditions document in PDF format.

Need more information?

Please contact – Varisha Rambaran, General Manager, at 868-640-4197 (office), 868-640-2594 (fax), 868-794-1780 (mobile).

Email: Varisha.Rambaran@HadcoLtd.com