A Brief History

Ecoimpact Co. Ltd was founded by Troy Hadeed in December of 2009. After a few years of research in the fields of renewable fuels, Troy decided that he had put off his plans of building a biodiesel processor for too long. Although he was eager to drive his vehicle on alternative energy, constraints such as time, funding, and manpower stood in his way. After much frustration, Troy finally found his way to alternative energy and decided to power his vehicle on waste vegetable oil (WVO), instead of producing Biodiesel. In doing this Troy unknowingly took the first step in triggering a chain of discoveries & realizations which inspired the birth of Ecoimpact Co. Ltd.

Our Mission

Ecoimpact’s Mission is to educate stakeholders to the importance of lessening their environmental impact, and provide them with solutions to do so.

Our Vision

Ecoimpact will be a major driving force in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the Caribbean region with regards to the education, design, and implementation of environmentally sustainable practices. With their core focus on the collection and recycling of waste vegetable oil to be used in the production of alternative fuels, Ecoimpact hopes to expand in a variety of directions aimed towards creating a vision of respectful societies enjoying a sustainable planet.

At Present

Ecoimpact is currently focused on the collection, processing, and recycling of waste vegetable oil (WVO) to be re-used in the production of alternative fuels. Ecoimpact has also found its place trading WVO regionally, as well as setting up processing systems and vehicle conversions. Ecoimpact has designed the ‘Seal of Action’ which is an attractive logo representing companies & organizations that are trying to make an active effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Through the support of companies, media, and the public, this program will focus on implementing a wide range of sustainable projects. These projects will be geared towards educating our public on current environmental issues, reducing our carbon footprint, and providing opportunities for individuals & companies to take steps towards a ‘greener,’ more sustainable society.


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