HADCO Group’s HSE Department’s purpose is to bring the company on par with twenty-first century standards and operations to meet local and international standards. The objective is to comply with OSHA and ensure the general welfare of employees and visitors, as well as a safe and healthy working environment. The introduction of an HSE Department was crucial to the business with respect to preventing liability and unwarranted expenses. It also played a role in maintaining the company’s image.

Under new Management, the HSE Department revamped its policies and procedures and has introduced new and improved methodologies into its practices. The Group’s HSE Department is now more capable in handling emergencies and employee affairs.

Some of the latest activities undertaken by the Department include: the appointment of a qualified HSE Coordinator; training sessions in First Aid & CPR, Risk Assessment, Job Safety Analysis, Emergency Response and Accident Investigation; renewal of food badges and health certificates; and HSE tips posted on company Bulletin Boards which have certainly caught the eye of all employees. Successful Distributor Quality Assurance Audits are Denny’s, scoring 87.7% and Wendy’s with a remarkable 97.95%. HADCO’s HSE Department is now an integral aspect of the company’s structure and will continue to raise the standards of the business.


HADCO is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees. As such we have developed an HSE program which is in line with legal requirements and the best business practices. HADCO strives for continuous improvement in our HSE performance. In furtherance of this policy, HADCO shall:

  • Identify potential hazards that may arise through the activities of HADCO – to assess and institute effective control measures to minimise risks.
  • Implement appropriate measures to prevent accidents, injury and health impairment of all persons affected by the activities of HADCO and promote a culture of safety consciousness.
  • Provide the necessary resources for the implementation and management of its HSE system.
  • Comply fully with all statutory and contractual HSE requirements.
  • Ensure that all HSE requirements are communicated, understood and implemented where third party arrangements exist.
  • Provide relevant information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the competence of all employees.
  • Integrate health and safety responsibilities into everyday working practices and managerial responsibilities and to continually review, improve and update the policy so that all important and relevant legislation, codes of practice and guidance are taken into account, where appropriate.
  • Monitor, inspect and conduct safety audits to ensure effective management of health and safety throughout HADCO’s operations.
  • Provide safe working conditions and equipment to minimise or eliminate incidents.
  • Consult with employees on HSE management and performance.
  • Ensure safe handling and transportation of harmful substances.
  • HADCO Group accepts the responsibility for leadership, effectiveness and improvement of this program and will ensure that this policy is followed in both fact and spirit.
  • Management will commit the necessary time and resources to ensure that the HSE and compliance programs are in place and these issues take precedence over other considerations.


A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an organised set of steps, procedures, protocols, and information that governs the way a business is operated. It ensures that operations continue under adverse conditions such as natural or man-made hazards. Business continuity planning focuses on sustaining the ability to deliver services to clients in the event of a serious interruption to normal business operations. As such, risk management must be incorporated as part of BCP. For this reason, BCP is strategically linked to HSE.