Company History

HADCO Limited is a company dedicated to the importation and distribution of first-rate food and electrical items in Trinidad & Tobago. Our objective is a society where consumers have the option of premium products available to them at their very fingertips.

It has been twenty-five years that we have been in business and our unfaltering dedication and passion for success has lead us to achieve immense recognition in the corporate sphere. The entrepreneurial vision that sparked the creation of the company has today evolved into the HADCO Group of Companies. We exist today as a thriving conglomerate with diversified operations that now include lighting and interior decorating for residential and commercial properties, as well as electrical industrial installations.

HADCO Group will continue to work towards achieving our Company’s Mission – Enriching our stakeholders’ quality of life, setting trends and providing superior brands and services – in our drive to be competitive in our business environment. We can now only move forward!